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In recent years, Michael Goldman has interviewed many of the world’s leading filmmakers, and periodically, he has podcast portions of those interviews for Millimeter magazine, at the Pro Video Coalition Website, the Post Magazine Website, the Studio Daily Website, and elsewhere across the web. These interviews offer a fascinating look inside the world of filmmaking. Following are links to some of his most memorable audio interviews with filmmakers like Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, among others, and many of their collaborators, ranging from cinematographers, film editors, visual effects supervisors, sound editors and supervisors, and other disciplines.

Brad Bird Dennis Muren
RJ Cutler Vince Pace, Part 1
Clint Eastwood Vince Pace, Part 2
Martin Scorcese Jeff Okun, Part 1
Robert Stromberg Jeff Okun, Part 2
Michael Owens David Fincher
Steven Spielberg
Michel Gondry Phil Tippet
John Lasseter Neil Young
2007 Visual Effects Society Awards, George Lucas and other Industry Luminaries pay tribute to Dennis Muren Rodney Charters, Part I

Rodney Charters, Part II

Erroll Morris
Anthony Dod Mantle, Part I on 127 Hours

Anthony Dod Mantle, Part II on 127 Hours

Angus Wall about Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Lon Bender about Drive Robert Legato about Hugo
Christoper Tellefsen about Moneyball Kevin Tent about The Descendents
Jay Cassidy about Silver Linings Playbook Janusz Kaminski about Lincoln
William Goldenberg about Argo Thelma Schoonmaker about Wolf of Wall Street
John Lee Hancock about Saving Mr. Banks Glenn Freemantle about Gravity
Ben Wilkins and Craig Mann about Whiplash Lee Smith about Interstellar
Alejandro González Iñárritu about Birdman John Schwartzman about Jurassic World
Roger Barton about Terminator Genisys Ken Kwapis about A Walk in the Woods
Matthew Libatique on Straight Outta Compton Michael Kahn about Bridge of Spies
Per Hallberg and Karen Baker-Landers on Spectre Producer Shannon McIntosh about The Hateful Eight
Director Craig Gillespie on The Finest Hours Cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny
Editor David Brenner on Batman vs. Superman VFX Supervisor Robert Legato on The Jungle Book
Editors Jeff Ford and Matthew Schmidt on Captain America: Civil War Director Brad Furman on The Infiltrator
VFX Supervisor Peter Chiang on Star Trek Beyond Editor Blu Murray on Sully
Cinematographer Giles Nuttgens on Hell or High Water